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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Overnight onboard Emotion Sampan

Hue, old capital, the land of Perfume river, Ngu Binh mountain, exquisite cuisine, refined pleasure such as overnight onboard. Dilettante, poets used to take a boat trip on Perfume river to enjoy Hue folk music and recite verse. As the small boat bobbed gliding in the middle of river you will witness its water change from shimmer blue limpid colour to light violet in the sunset. On the river bank, garden house dimly loomed in the veil of smog.

This refined pleasure just belongs to the past as people are dipped in the bustling stream of modern life. To bring back the refined pleasure, Perfume River Emotion Cruise has developed the eco tour in Thuy Bieu village including onboard overnight. The sampan is meticulously built with inspirations from local fishing boat. It is well equipped with modern comforts and complete with large panoramic windows for fabulous views of Hue.


Visit Hue without staying overnight on boat is just knowing a half of Hue. You will miss an extraordinary experience of contemplating the whole village, the romantic river deep in moonlight and ethereal smoke. In the following morning you will be waken up in the sound of oar striking on water as the fishing boat passing.

The interesting part of the cruise is it brings guests very close to local life, especially in Thuy Bieu Village. This laidback village is situated on the bank of Perfume River, merely 3 miles from Hue centre. Here, you can take part in several activities: walking, biking, gardening, talking and drinking tea with locals. You may also join Thuy Bieu cooking class to try your hands on making Hue delicacies.

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